Официальная инфа про 3 серию (Е90)

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[ Закрыто ] Официальная инфа про 3 серию (Е90)
Я только понял здесь говорится только о сроках

This is a copy of of memo supposedly from BMW headquarters with the official lowdown on the next generation 3-series. I'll let your readers be the judge...

Our sources tell us it will be in US dealers by the end of July 2005.

June 1, 2004

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

2005 will be a very significant year for everyone associated with BMW–it will be the year of the new 3 Series. The new model will be
previewed for the public at the Geneva Auto Show in March, and we are planning a National Dealer Meeting, including a driving experience, late April in Miami.

BMW has traditionally conducted a one-day national dealer meeting when there is a time gap between model introduction meetings.

We considered having such a meeting in November or December of this year, but feel it will be more practical in these times of spirited competition and “too many meetings” to use other types of communications to keep you up to date on business developments between now and the 3 Series introduction.

Additional time at home preparing for the holidays is always welcomed.

Yours sincerely,

Tom P.

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