немного о новом М5

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[ Закрыто ] немного о новом М5
С форума roadfly (простите лень переводить):
There was a 4 page article about the M5 in Autovisie, a Dutch car magazine.
Sorry I don't have a scan but there's nothing new to see anyway.

The magazine has a website which features a movie of the M5 driving on a frozen lake. www.autovisie.nl The code you have enter is:001837635.

Here are some interesting details on the engine:
- 90 degree V10 4 valve's (duh)
- The maximum torque of 500Nm is available over the first half of the engines peak revs.
- The engine uses "dry sump" lubrication wich allows BMW to place the V10 lower and further back in the chassis than the 6 & 8 cilinder models. This lowers the center of gravity of the entire car.
- According to a BMW spokesman the engine is of a very special breed and the engine uses uses a few "tricks" to be able to reach amazing peak revs.
- 0-100km/hr 4,7 sec. 0-190km/hr 12,7 sec.
- 7 gear SMG with 11 modes of which 5 auto to choose from.
- Manual transmission will be available later, BMW is studying the use of DSG (double clutch) technology.

Other features.
- Rear differential, Traction system and DSC are all much improved versions of what is available know.
- The cars platform has changed dramaticly and the suspension uses components of the 7-series.
- 50/50 weight ratio.
- Estimated weight 1780 kilo's.
- Total new suspension and subframes developed at the Nordschleiffe. The M5 features a wider footprint and leightweight suspension components.
- There's a new version of active steering available that gives more feeling to the steering.
- All body changes (except the air-outlets in the fenders) are wind-tunnel designed and are there for a purpose.
- The diffusor at the rear allows for hot air to be drawn away from the rear diff.
- Aparantly there are no other mirrors on the M5 than on a normal E60

- Paris auto show.
- Production starts in August 2004.
- No touring version available.
- First delivery for the Netherlands early 2005.
- In the Netherlands the M5 will be at laest ˆ15.000 more expensive than the previous M5.
Да, интересный зверек получается. :p
А что такое "dry sump" lubrication??? Это переводится как сухая смазка картера??? Это что-то революционное?
И сколько стоить будет интересно? Написано что +15Kb…
Написано Speedo:
А что такое "dry sump" lubrication??? Это переводится как сухая смазка картера??? Это что-то революционное?

Типа того. Ни фига не революционное, на Е39 тоже было.

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